Community Development

Community development is a process whereby community members come together to take collective action and generate solutions to common problems. It adopts a grassroots or a bottom up approach to finding viable solutions by the community for the various issues plaguing it. Participation of the community as a whole has to be an integral part for the programme to be sustainable. The programmes supported by Concern India Foundation work with communities at different levels to help bring about a socio-economic change for those surviving on the periphery of mainstream society.

Community: is a group of people who live in a geographical area and have an interest in each other for the purpose of making a living.

Development: connotes growth or maturation. It implies gradual and sequential phases of change. It refers to the upward or increasing differentiation.

Community Development: It is a movement designed to promote better living for the community with the active participation and/or the initiative at the community.


The fundamental or basic objective of Community Development is the Development of people of "Destination Man". And can be classified as

  • Economic Development
  • Social Justice
  • Democratic Growth.

The attempt is to secure as good a balance as possible among these three objectives and to inter-relate them in a manner that they support one another.  More specifically, objectives of the Community Development Programme are as follows.

  • Increasing agricultural production.
  • Improving existing village crafts and industries and organising new ones.
  • Providing minimum essential health services and improving health practices.
  • Providing required educational facilities for children and an adult education programme.
  • Providing recreational facilities and programmes.
  • Improving housing and family living conditions, and
  • Providing programmes for village women and youth.

We Do

  • Change the outlook of village people
  • Make the people participate effectively in development programmes
  • Develop village leaders accepted by all
  • Increase the employment and production.
  • Trainings, Workshops and Guidelines

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