About Us

Logo Final 200Aiswarya social Service Society Kothamangalam [ASSSK] is a Non-profitable Organization run by social service professionals and the society is established by the interest of some of the social activists belongs to Kerala State for Socio economic and educational development interventions. It was established and registered as  EKM/TC/727/2013 under Travancore Cochin Literacy, scientific and Charitable Societies Act of 1955 in the year 2013.The organization is working for the integral development of the poor and the marginalized people in the operational areas. The goal of this organization is to promote social and economic development of the community for providing services with equality. The target group of  ASSSK is marginalized and poor people, especially women ,youth,  children, farmers, disabled and the aged.

  • Community development: aims at the spiritual, political, social and economic self reliant of the communities.
  • Rehabilitation service: Objective is to provide maximum care and support to the disadvantaged sections of the society.

Our Vision

Creation of a self – reliant society based on human values and social justice through honesty and harmony

Our  Mission

Aiswarya Social Service Society, Kothamangalam (ASSSK) is committed for the   development of the society through integration, capacity building and participatory programme based on sustainable development and environment protection.


  • To do innovative programmes in development of poor and marginalized with appropriate strategies.
  • To serve the society in social, cultural, economic, health and educational areas.
  • To establish and run various institutions for the welfare of the society.
  • To design and undertake empowerment programs and development of infrastructure facilities.
  • Intervention during natural calamities and communicable diseases.
  • Housing and sanitation.
  • Drinking water project.
  • Protect environment through sustainable development.
  • Farming and food security.

Our Goal

To engage in social activities to improve the living condition and general welfare of the weaker section of the society, irrespective of caste, creed, community, and sex.

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